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Dec 2022
Dilnoza Homes
UI/UX Designer

Multi brand of luxury furniture in Dubai

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About Dilnoza Homes

Dilnoza Home Collections is home to a wide range of High-end Furniture and Decor, a leading manufacturer of home furnishings. Our products are carefully curated in Italy, Paris and Spain which sets the standard for providing consumers the latest on-trend furniture styles with unmatched custom capabilities, free in-home design visits, and coordinated decorating accessories.

At Dilnoza Home Collections, we know that curating comfortable and elegant living and work spaces is essential. We believe they should reflect our personalities and preferences with comfort and class.

Dilnoza Home Collections partners with brands that reflect it’s vision to provide unique concept and design with creativity and craftsmanship and sets the standard for providing consumers the latest on-trend furniture.

Luxury website with Dilnoza Homes brand guideline

Understanding esthetic and functional wishes of the Customer using

General requierements to the website:


-SSL certificate

-Connection to the domain

-Widget of contacts

-Feedback forms

-Pop-ups about an error, forms of connection, cookies, privacy policy

-Setting of messages on e-mail

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